About the Journal

Journal Title: Journal of New Librarianship
Journal Website: https://newlibs.org
Journal ISSN: 2471-3880
Publisher: Independent
Host & Distributor: University of Colorado Boulder, University Libraries
Contact Email: Claire Du Laney, Communications Editor,
Country of Operation: United States of America
Date of first issue: 2016
Journal Archiving: Journal of New Librarianship content is preserved perpetually as part of the Public Knowledge Project Preservation Network

Aim and Scope

There is a need to offer high-quality literature in the library and information science (LIS) field in an open, independently-produced journal. The JoNL represents the belief that the library serves a critical role in advocating and modeling free, open, and sustainable access to information for the academe and its future. The JoNL provides an outlet that mixes both traditional and disruptive forms of scholarly and professional communication that forge innovative paths in the way that the LIS profession shares and leads. Our goal is to provide a publishing venue for emerging and interdisciplinary scholarship that does not fit within the narrow subject specialization of existing journals.

Commitment to Diversity

JoNL is an open access journal committed to equity, diversity, and plurality of opinions. In addition to making scholarship freely accessible to all readers, the journal seeks to publish works created by authors from all backgrounds. A central aim of the journal is to challenge long-held assumptions within the profession, and authors are encouraged to submit works that examine and confront structures and practices within the profession that create inequality within librarianship.

Transparency and Open Access